Camera & Off Air Antennas

Cameras and Off Air Antennas provide additional services and capabilities to any system.

Cameras: All of the camera systems in the gallery are set up for “Remote Viewing” via the internet from any location that has internet connectivity. It can be via a computer , smart Phone or smart Tablet.  Multiple camera systems can be loaded/viewed from a single devices.

Off-Air antennas: Off-Air antennas provide “Free” high definition entertainment to your Audio/Video system. The video from the local broadcasters is “Uncompressed”, meaning, it is better quality than the entertainment provided via streaming services, satellite providers and Cable providers. You can get “Digital Video Recorders” (DVRs) that work with off-air broadcast signals, allowing you to record and time-share any program received via the antenna. Off -air broadcast signals also contain “Guide” information that can be displayed via your TV if you elect to not install a DVR.