Component Racks & Cabinets

Component Racks and Cabinets:

The following pictures present some of the component racks and cabinets I have installed.  Component “Racks” provide an excellent way to install the system components. They allow the home owner to have easy access to the components when needing to make changes or trouble-shoot system problems. Ideally, you want a design that will allow the rack to be “Pulled Out” and then “Rotated” to present the rear of the components. This allows for excellent cable management and ease of access. The cabinets should all have “Heat Management” systems if the system components are completely enclosed inside the cabinet. When racks are not desirable, the fixed cabinet should have access from the rear (removable panel, door, or other options) via the room/space behind the cabinet. This is an excellent reason for having a custom installer/integrator work with the architect to make such access available in the house drawings.  My goal as a system designer/installer, is to install all of the components and not have any interconnect/power cables exposed to sight from the front of the rack/cabinet. Some of the pictures present the “Rough-in” phase of the installation, allowing you to see the cables before the system components were installed.

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