Fans & Heat Management

Fans and Heat Management:

A sampling of fan systems I have installed. “Overheating” is the primary culprit in damaging audio/video components. It is managed by cabinet design and supporting fan systems that allow cooling air to flow through the component cabinets. I normally use “In-Line” fans, meaning, the actual fan motor assembly can be located away from the actual cabinet. This allows the theater/listening room to remain “Quiet”  with no “Fan Noise” while keeping the system components within their temperature limitations. Fan systems operate on ”Sensors” that detect the cabinet temperature and then turn the fan system “ON” when the temperature exceeds the control setting . They also turn the fan “OFF” when the temperature is below the temperature that alerted the fan system to turn ON… “Heat Management” is one of the most important items to include in any audio/video system.  The electrical feed for the fan system should be on a dedicated electrical circuit, separate from the electrical circuit that supports the system components (TVs, AV Receivers, BluRay Players, Satellite DVRs, Streaming Devices, etc.). Be “SAFE”! Always use fans if the components are to be installed within enclosed cabinets….