Flat Screen TVs

Flat Screen TVs:

All of the TVs presented in the gallery are from systems installed over many years. Most of the displays are supported with a complete “Surround Sound” A/V receiver and connected speaker system. Most of the TVs are supported with “Fully Articulating” wall mounts, allowing easy access to the rear of the displays to make changes to interconnect cabling and to easily trouble-shoot any display problem without the need to remove the TV from the wall mount. When installed in cabinetry, the displays are also supported with “Heat Management” fan systems to make sure the displays do not “Over-heat” from hot air within the enclosure or from heat rising from fireplaces below the display. Fans to support this function are “In-Line” fans, meaning the actual fan is located away from the TV in a location that precludes any noise to be heard when operating.  These types of fans are presented in a different gallery presentation on this website!

The goal in all my installations, is to make sure all of the supporting interconnect cabling is “Professionally Managed” and from the wall exit point to the rear TV connection port. You will not see any cables in any of these installations! Some of the images present the view from behind the TV, allowing you to see how I managed the cables.

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