Theater Systems

Theater Systems:

The following pictures present some additional “Theater Systems” that were not included in the “Showcase Gallery”. Some are supported with separate projectors, and some are supported with HD/UHD TVs. All of the systems are supported with 5-11 dedicated speaker arrays. One of the systems supports the new “Dolby Atmos” speaker array requiring “Height” speakers. The system has seven standard speakers, two sub-woofers and four Atmos Height speakers (a 7.2.4 system in Atmos language).

Dolby Atmos (and DTS:X) is an “object-based” sound format, when creating a soundtrack to a film, sound mixers are able to specify the exact place they want the sounds to be, as opposed to ‘left-channel’ or ‘right rear-channel’ of 5.1 surround. It introduces new speaker configurations, such as 5.1.4, where there are five speakers around the room, one subwoofer and four “height” channel speakers. Experiencing a movie with a properly installed/calibrated “Dolby Atmos” speaker system is a “Breath Taking” experience.

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