Home Owner Questions


1. Have you established an Entertainment System budget figure?
2. Which type of system are you interested in?

– Multi-Room Audio System (Stereo sound throughout your home, audio system only)
– Multi-Room Video System (TVs throughout the house, each capable of displaying Satellite/Cable/
In-house Video/Video Games and regular Off-Air local channels)
– Home Theater System (Stand alone Video/Audio System with Surround Sound)
– Phone and Personal Computer (PC) Data/Video System with Multi-Line Modem/Fax/Phone capability
– Component Control System (control your audio and video components from any location throughout
your house and/or from a remote location)
– Whole House Automation Lighting Control System (create “Whole House” lighting scenes, control home lighting and window fixtures via programmed or automatic operation, control lighting options from your car or from a computer or phone at any remote location). Control Home heating system from a computer, hand held remote touch-screen or phone at any remote location.
– Window Treatment System (remote control of powered window coverings, shades, drapes; etc)

3. Home Theater System: Do you desire a dedicated Home Theater Room?

– What type of display system? (Projector, Rear Projection TV, Plasma, LCD or Direct View TV)
– Do you want to maximize your display screen size?
– What type of speakers do you desire? (in-wall, free standing, bookshelf or wall mount?)
– Do you desire acoustic material treatment within the room?
– Do you desire any Entertainment System furniture such as “Theater Chairs”, “Marques” etc?

4. Do you desire “Surround Sound” speaker systems at locations other than your Media Room/Theater Room?
5. Will you require a Local Area Network (LAN) capability within the home? (multiple computers accessing each other or single household printer/fax, all computers having access to Broadband Provider etc)? How many locations?

– Do you desire MP3 Audio input into your Multi-room Audio System via the Network?
– Do you desire to make “Play Lists” for your Multi-room Audio system from your multiple computer locations?
– Do you desire a “Server” for your network?
– Would you prefer a “CABLE”, “TELCOM” or Satellite DSL broadband hook-up?

6. Do you desire “Phone/Data/Video” wiring that will support future capability?

This wil l include dual Category-5e phone/RG-6 COAX cables and fiber optic cables to all wall plate locations. All TV locations will need phone line/network access for convergence applications. Additional Satellite, CABLE and Phone Company service feed cables will be installed to the system distribution panels that will support your home phone, data and video gateway. All audio and video component locations will require multiple “Network” ports/wall plates.

7. Do you desire a Digital Satellite System (18” satellite dish)? Multiple or single receiver capability?

(To watch different channels simultaneously in separate rooms requires a “multi-receiver” system).
Do you desire more than two channels simultaneously?

8. Will you want to tie in your satellite system with your personal computer for data download/transfer capability?

Options include Hughes DIRECTWAY and data cabling from satellite receivers to the network computer and “Server” locations.

9. Would you like to have a home Closed Circuit Camera System (CCTV) for entry door, pool, security, etc.)

– Would you like your camera (s) to record video for/from your security system?
– Do you desire “Remote Viewing” via your computer/CCTV system, allowing you to monitor the
cameras located inside/outside your home from any remote location via computer/internet options?
– Would you desire the cameras to be controllable (pan/tilt/zoom capability)?
– Do you desire a dedicated CCTV monitor location, CCTV video on all TVs throughout the house or both?

10. Do you desire an Intercom System? Would you like a multi-room paging capability (via your phone system, or your audio speaker system or both)?
11. Do you desire High Definition Television (HDTV) video programming and display capability with this installation? (This will require a separate antenna or special dish for your local High Definition feed).
12. Would you like an “FM or AM” antenna installed for your Multi-Room Audio System?
13. Do you desire a “Hard Drive Storage” capability in your audio system?

This will allow you store audio playback options (MP3 files, personal play-lists, CD-Downloads etc) for instantaneous playback throughout your multi-room audio system.

14. What type of In-wall speakers do you desire?

Standard speakers with a visible grill or completely invisible speakers that remain completely hidden behind the drywall material.

15. Do you desire to tie your TV’s audio with the Multi-Room Audio System speakers for “upgraded TV audio”?
16. Do you desire any “Hidden” or “Pop-up” video displays that will need dedicated hardware and design assistance with your cabinetry contractor?
17. What type of in-room volume control option do you desire?

– Manual Volume Control Switch: For in-room speaker volume control only.
– Manual/IR Combination: Allows both Manual and IR option for in-room volume control.
– IR Remote: All audio system functions controllable in each room via remote controller (system on/off, speaker volume, individual component control, etc).
– In-Wall Keypad: All audio system functions controllable in each room via wall mounted keypad (remote not required).

18. Would you like any outside speakers (deck, pool, garden, spa)?
19. What components/speakers do you currently own? Will you be using them in the new Entertainment System?

I will need to see your components for “output/input” capabilities.

20. Do you desire to have a “Weather Station” monitoring system?

This would include the outside instruments/sensors (Weather Vane, Temp Sensor, Rain Sensor) and a dedicated location inside the home for mounting the “Weather Station” instruments. Weather station instruments could include “Outside Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Barometer, Rainfall, Time, Date and Tide information.

21. Will there be a “Dedicated Home Office” room?

– Do you desire any Home Office components (phones/answer machines, computers, fax, printer
scanner, router, etc)
– Do you desire “Video Conferencing” capability for the office?

22. Will there be multiple dwellings/buildings involved with your system? Do you desire ”Network” and other system interconnect options between these dwellings?
23. Will there be any gate or entry fixture that will need to be controlled from within the home?