What is “Future Proof” Video/Phone/Data Cabling: This will ensure that your home will be cabled to support  “Digital Services” currently offered by Phone/CABLE/Satellite and internet providers, and “future” providers yet to introduce their entertainment and data services & products.  “Interactive Systems Cabling” is the current phrase utilized to describe future-proof cabling.  This type of installation will converge video/voice/data digital services, allowing the homeowner to easily utilize and inter-connect between all future digital service applications within their home  All home cabling should be “Head-ended” in multiple distribution panels that will inter-connect with each other. All of these panels should be able to receive (and provide) internet connectivity. Cabling should include terabit Fiber Optic cable as well as “Conduit” connectivity between floors and major data & video locations. This cabling should also include cabling to support constant “Wi-Fi” coverage for all floors in a residence. Allowing automatic Wi-Fi “Hand-off” between the supporting Wireless Access Points (WAPs).

This will be the only way you will be assured that the cabling architecture in your new home will be capable of receiving, handling and distributing future Digital Services. “Future Proof” cabling will be the smartest investment you can make in assuring that you will be able to fully enjoy the investment made in your new home and that it will be “Marketable” in tomorrow’s Digital Service environment!

As surprising as it may seem, many current homes being built are still being cabled with 1960’s architecture! The six key elements to ensure that your cabling will fully support Digital Services are:

  • Utilize the highest bandwith cable currently available.
  • Utilize a “Star” topology providing individual runs to each room.
  • Have the capability to “Interconnect” between the various service providers.
  • Ensure that all interconnect products (video splitters/combiners/amplifiers and phone/data termination jacks and plugs) are capable of supporting the required digital service bandwith. System capability will be determined by your weakest link!
  • All Low Voltage Distribution panels/locations should be able to receive (and provide) internet connectivity
  • Install “Conduit” connectivity between floors and major Data & video locations